Can I Become A Foster Carer?

The thought of being a therapeutic foster carer may be daunting. Please relax, if that’s you. You don’t need to be an expert or experienced in this kind of work, to be a foster carer with Chrysalis. Most of all you need the personal qualities which will help you to use our approach to helping children.

  • Are you PLAYFUL? Is there a part of you which still enjoys playing eg: sport, relaxing with friends, partying, having fun. Do you have a good sense of humour and can you see the funny side, sometimes even when things are tough?
  • Are you ACCEPTING? Are there some people in your life you have had to accept just as they are, even though you don’t like everything they do? Do you have the capacity to be there for someone close, no matter what?
  • Are you EMPATHIC? Are you warm hearted and sympathetic ? Can you put yourself in someone else’s shoes and understand how they might feel? Do people turn to you as a good listener?
  • Are you CURIOUS about what makes people tick? Do you enjoy discovering new things? Do you want to keep on learning, and like being surprised by life?

We are looking for people who like children, of course! People who already spend time with children, whether they are your own or not, and people who enjoy activities which children could join in with, are high on our list. You don’t need to be an experienced parent or foster carer.

It will be helpful if you have some understanding of how children operate and develop as they grow. Most importantly however, you need to be willing to be shown new ways of taking care of children who have been hurt.

You do not need to be able to manage this job all on your own. You will have a great team beside you; you just need to be able to work as part of that team.

You need to have a spare bedroom, and be over 23 years old.

Good foster carers come in all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life, it’s who you are, not what you are that makes you a good foster carer.

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