“Thank you for your wonderful support, valuable input and loving care over the last 2 years. Without your help our little family would have fallen apart. Thank you for giving us the ‘glue’ to keep it together.”

“Dear Chrysalis, You were brilliant hosts and helpers which added a great deal of nurture to the training. I hope you have recovered from a long, exciting and playful week.”

“Dear Chrysalis, Thank you so much for all your help and support, tissues, insight, fun and games during the last year.”

“Going to the Chrysalis support group picks you up and re-ignites your enthusiasm, it picks you up and puts you back on the wagon.”

“All the pain, hours and effort are worthwhile, I feel proud of what I’ve done!”

“It’s the little things that blow you away, like seeing your child take care of someone else for the first time….”

“Theraplay is worth its weight in gold.”

“Being a carer with chrysalis you can learn a lot about yourself and develop your way of operating. Its amazing how far we have come on our journey.”

“The trainers were knowledgeable and friendly and the environment was conducive to a warm relaxed atmosphere.”

“The opportunity to look back at our own childhoods and upbringing was enjoyable and thought provoking.”

What Our Carers Say