Volunteering with Chrysalis

This is a scheme in which volunteers are attached to a foster family and take out the foster child/children once a month or more. Giving the volunteers experience of working with foster children whilst being part a team of volunteers. At the same time as giving our fantastic foster carers some well deserved respite and the child/children fun experiences! All volunteers receive training, guidance and support.

This is an ideal scheme for anyone thinking of becoming a foster carer. Or someone who like more experience with looked after children. All applicants will be considered. References and DBS checks will be completed. All volunteers can access training and supervision.

Quotes from Families accessing the service;

My daughter has been going out with her volunteer for several months now and  really looks forward to meeting up with her…i welcome the time off as a single a carer so I can have a bit of me time. Time to relax and catch up on sleep!”

“Our foster daughter absolutely loves going out with her Out & About carers.  It’s great that she can go out with people who give her special time and attention.  She gets very excited before the carers arrive. They all talk about where they will go next time at the end of each visit.  The carers are a great resource for us as we always know our foster daughter will be out having fun and we can have a day off from organising activities to keep her entertained! “

Quotes from one of our volunteers;

“it is a really valuable experience that had opened a lot of doors for me, but most of all it gives me chance to have a nice day out once a month and hopefully provide something exciting that E knows she has to look forward to “


If you are interested or would like to know more contact us at the office either on 01142509455 or send an email to info@chrysalisconsortium.co.uk


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